Monday, November 19, 2007

1 down 3 to go...

Finally, one done...
eventually just finished my first paper--Microeconomics..

The paper today is not as tough as what I though earlier. Today I woke up so early at 5.30am( actually was awake by a nightmare) I just turning around on the bed because Im lazy to wake up. However, I still woke up and took my bath..

Unusually(hiak hiak), I cooked my own breakfast today. After that, I went to school to do my last preparation for the war.. 1st war.. All my coursemates were so stress with the study while fell asleep in the library. I did finish study everything but I always think that I dun study enough. I wish I could sit for the paper faster so that it won't be so suffering, waiting for the time to pass.

Finally, is time for the test. The moment we were recommended reading the exam paper, I was so shocked that the question I spot were tested. I smile at the paper and said" yes"
(kinda lame right?)

I just reach home after study with my friends in school. Feeling a bit empty and tired. Sit in front of other's laptop starting to type sth. It may be meaningless, however, it is a way for me to release my stress. Now I was to wondering, tomorrow want to go to school or not..

YES? NO? think think think...

anyway, just continue thinking first. Decide everything when I wake up tommorow..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Play after the presentation

I gonna detroy it...hiak hiak..

Too hungry..Eat it!!!

Was caught stealing the drink..

Stop pulling me, Wui jie...


Great Job,buddies...future civil engineer..

After two or less weeks of hard work, sacrify the sleeping time..This morning was the last fight for all my buddies majoring in Civil Engineering model presentation. Everyone had done a great job. The model are so beautiful and fantastic. I think the government should take their plan into consideration. Their plan on renovating the Waterfront in Kuching.
Congratulation to all of you!! =)

Today I went to watch the presentation as well as to support all my buddies there. All of them were damn so stress as this is also counted as their final exam. Erm..just feel like to share some pictures I took today. *will be updated if there are something extra.

James Brooke from Jordan Wu Jie.. He got a nice posture..Fort is behind it.

Proposed Bontanical Garden from Jordan's group. The scale is only 1:500. It is so nice

The overview of Aldrin and Johnson group model. The scale is the smallest among the 5 groups. It is only 1:1000.

The Ford Margherita from Aldrin's hard work. It is proposed to be the one of the place as to attract the foreigners again. Surrounded with garden.

My thumb is even bigger than it. How can you do that, Aldrin?

I gonna take away the Fort Margherita..hiak hiak.. XD

I gonna destroy it..

Friday, November 9, 2007

Final Exam!!

Final exam is approaching..

Gonna abandon my blog(although i do so nowadays) because have to prepare for my assignments as well as my study..

Going crazy. This whole week don't sleep until 15 hours because of study..
I think this coming weekend I have to sleep more. If no I gonna collaps..

Good Luck to Shan Shan for her Final Exam..

Friday, November 2, 2007

My Friday

Since I have no one let me to share my happiness today, so I decided to share it on my blog to all my friends and visitors.

Today, I did something which I never did before. That is, I visited so many places in Kuching. It had been a great time with all my Swinburne buddies. Well, I gonna start from the first.

First, we went for archery. This is my first time to try this. Among all my friends, I so "glad" that, I'm the worst player. I can't even reach the target(the board) during the first few try. The Tauke at tat centre was so headache with me (I think) when he was teaching me how to play. I was so scared that will my hand broke and reach to the target instead of the arrow or will the rope hit my face when I released it. However, I managed to hit some but only 2 arrows hit to the board at least. XD

This is the normal or standard post to play archery.

However, this is my post. =_=

I think the sifu( the owner of this centre) is headache with me!!

Next, we went to Fort Margherita. This is my first time sitting on a sampan with all my friends to there. Although we had a long and tiring walk to our destination, however, we still enjoy a lotz during our journey. For your information, it is built in 1879 to guard Kuching’s river approaches from pirates. Named after Charles Brooke’s wife, Ranee Margaret, it is an extremely attractive and interesting building. The Fort houses a Police Museum, with fascinating exhibits of Brooke militaria, weapons captured during the communist insurgency, and the famous “laughing skulls”. As the Fort is situated within the police training barracks, visitors may be asked for some form of ID. Sampans go to the Fort from various Waterfront jetties.

All of us( me, Jordan, Kwang Yang, Aldrin, Tyng Tyng and Delwin)

After the trip to Fort Margherita, we went to Lake Park to have a small walk. The park is so nice and suitable for jogging. Even they are someone jog with the umbrella.(It was raining when we were there.) Besides that, we even saw some "different" scene at the park. Haha..what is the scene? Guess yourselves lar..

After the whole tiring walked, we went to Song Kheng Hai to treat our stomach. All of us are suffered with hunger. We have lots of fun the whole day. As for me, it is the first time for me to play archery, the first time for me to ride in sampan which is goyang goyang, and also the first time for me to reach Fort Margherita which we have a LONG walk to the destination. Walking up and down. Follow the road sign all the way in case we lost half way. haha..nice exercise for all of us today.

At night, I was totally tired. Even have to use my aunt OSIM iSQEEZ to massage my legs. Both of my legs are totally "heavy duty" today. However I think this exercise make me sweat a lot today(although it is really raining) and this will help me to sleep well tonight.XD

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Last saturday, I went to Tyng Dance Academy to help my friend, Tyng Tyng as her new assistant was absent. It has been a long time I dun step into the dance academy and look after the children. So, I had taken pictures with these cute girls.


me and Dilys..

With Shania..

With..a very quiet gal..


small little gal..Kelly..


The 3 little gals..They are best friends to each other. Their average is only 3 1/2 years old..

梦晴,Pei xuan and Jocelyn..

the overview of the beginners I class.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Snap shots!!!!

In school~~~
Keith is concentrating with his study. Irene, what are you looking at? *Sms-ing

Wei Tat is so busy with his works and Johnson is doing his research.

Everyone are so busy with either homeworks or assignments...BUT!!! AH YIENG!!! What are you doing??!!

Still can realise I'm taking her photo. With the laptop in front but doing another thing. *sigh =_=

When I was in my brother room. I did something as well.

I like the reflection of the mirror..1st pose..

Here come the 2nd pose.

Besides that, I took some funny views as well.

The pig is kissing him. Oh my goodness!!! However he accepted.

And here the consequence!!!

2 in 1 !!! haha... actually he becomes pig. Oh my goodness!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I got my new pendrive!!

After losing my pendrive for few days, finally, I GOT A NEW PENDRIVE.

I am now not really worry who is taking my pendrive but just I'm so worry the pictures in my pendrive. The pictures are own by others. So, once again, PLEASE!! anyone who take my pendrive please don't split anything inside it.

Anyway, introduce to you , my NEW PENDRIVE..which is from him..haha...

TOSHIBA IGB Pendrive...

This is my GREAT GREAT GREAT SURPRICE from him, ling..

I think he was trying so hard to give me such a big surprice as he has to make me angry with him for the whole day and night.

Thanks a lot, ling. This pendrive will accompany me all the way in my study. I would never leave it alone anymore. I love it so much. And tonight you really give me a big big surprice which make me really speechless and touching. Thanks.

I lost my pendrive...

I lost my old beloved pendrive..Kingmax 1GB.

A very tiny slim small pendrive which I was proud of it when I got it. BUT, because of my carelessness, I left it at the computer at the computer lab. I LOST IT..SOMEONE MIGHT TOOK IT AWAY. The pendrive was already seriously injured. I even used tape to tape the body. I was so curious who will take such a spoilt pendrive. But luckily, I don't leave any important information inside just maybe some pictures that was save in my pendrive last time as a backup and I haven't delete it.

So please, anyone who got my pendrive, please don't split any pictures in there.

The last look of my old pendrive..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nothing else..Just Feelings

I wish I could graduate earlier so I can leave this place earlier. I can't really fit into the life here although I studied here for almost 2 years.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Saturday.Im SICK.

I'm sick finally. I has sore throat which make me lazy to talk or do anything.
Feeling no energy and lazy the whole day.
jus wake up. but still on my bed with my soft toy.

Before go to wash my face and brush my teeth, in front of the mirror..I look mature( old exactly)

After my bath with my nice and cute T-shirt on. Taking picture in front of the mirror. Im looked FAT and CHUBBY...

Neither efficient nor effective staff

After a busy week of mine as the school reopen, n finally reach Saturday..WEEKENDZ....
Its really a busy week 1 as we have to deal with the timetable as there is clash after the amendment of the timetable is out. The timetable really make us into trouble. As we went to admintration, the staff were so rude and unpleasant.

There is even a staff tell us that :" We cant do anything. This is what we can do
me:"WHAT!! You guys change the timetable after we had registered the 1st day during the registration. And now there is clash in our timetable. Hey now, you guys are responsible to help us to solve this kind of problem."
Staff:"how bout like this? U guys so meet the lecturer.

Then the stuff was whispering with her colleagues:"so many complain this few girl."

Another staff came to us(hey someone gonna help us, I think). Who know even worse.
" We have 2000 students in S*******e. And everyone has only two hands."

Come on..Is that my problem? You are hired to serve us as the customer as well. You thought you guys are busy we are not ar? Because of the clashes, we can't attend the class. Who cause the clashes? You! man. Mind your speech.

I still remember the moment I step into this school for my foundation, all the staffs are so friendly and kind to help us. AND NOW??!!! What is happening..

You said that there is 2000 students in such a small school. Bear in mind that , we are going to move to the new campus lately next year. For sure there will be more than 2000 students. So how you gonna manage it? Student administration is open to serve the students who has any problem. If you think that this is not part of your job. Fine..Write and pass up your resign letter and lets other who is responsibility to do the job.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Sunday

wat is she talking about????
my uncle...sitting at the at newspaper...

introduce u to cousin from Taiwan..come here for intensive English class 4 1 month..will be going back to Taiwan nex week....
This is my Sunday...Hotz and aunt n grandma were behind making bun 4 jus wait n wait....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

im back..but I HAV TO CHANGE!!!

since a month i abondon my blog...there is reason...haha..
i back to my hometown -- Bintulu...
jus come back to kch days ago...but this time i caused a lotz of problem....i duno y this time i cant manage it myself..i need help...but no worry...there is good news as well as bad news... 1st of all i share my good news 1st...

1st, i got my new hp...Sonny Ericsson K75oi from my dear daddy n mummy...

my new house at bintulu is almost done...yeah...if not mistaken will move in b4 mooncake festival...

This is my new house look like...=)
The house i stay here is still in renovation.. but its almost done...seems nice but quite messy a bit during this time..looking 4ward for the neat home whn the renovation is done...
still under construction!!!!
Busy with the electric stuff...kambateh...

For sure i came back earlier is to register myself..I've done my registration for semester 2..mean tat.. i pass my sem 1..but another torturing life is coming to me...haha...cant wait to challenge...
The 4 subjects i take this sem...

after the good news, here come the bad news....

1st of all,the registration at campus drive me crazy.. the time table is messy enuf for me to arrange my time..haih...n the service during the registration is so improper n insufficient...oh my goodness....
wat kind of timetable is this!? it is jus one of the few PAGES...

2nd, the house i stay in nw( actually my aunt's house) is still in a mess...but fact la..renovation reali cause messy... will be ok in a short while...
temporary kitchen...everythg are squeeze beside the basin...
p/s i cant take the pic of the floor...cos the floor is "white" full of the cement dust...can u imagine hw i walk??? easy...wash my leg whnever i leave there n jus stay at upstair...
not only that, there are 8 people in the house and there is only ONE toilet..hv to fight for the toilet anytime..

Today i met a problem which is the 1st time i cant manage the problem of relationship n communication either with my cousin or anyone else well..this time i jus choose to shut myself down n piss myself off from anythg...maybe the "phrase" i always hear from tv is not wrong.. take less, wrong less; take more, wrong more; no talk no wrong... i think i hav to keep myself shut down....OFF!!

Lastly n eventually this morning as usual i'll call n wake sum1 up..n actually i dun even sleep the whole usual i'll be not in a mood..but this time i control myself n calm myself down...because of my immature and childish behaviour.. i caused a lotz of is enuf for me to handle everythg tat come to me this few days...I'm TIRED!!!! and actually i dun sleep after tat call...erm.. nono.. i did sleep but at the las 2 hours b4 i wake up....10 sth...maybe im bit troublesome sometimes, but sometimes i jus wan to care someone sincerely through deep is a hard "assign" but im trying hard..maybe the way i used is may dun topic as " the happiest gal"--i thk hav to change..erm.. to the troublesome gal i think...i jus wan to make everyone around me happy n cheer..but i fail...dunno wat to do to help myself nw...

Anyway, i start to talk with a gal who i dun reali like b4... a very good start...i learn new thing from my hometown...y i hav to hate someone...we need friend not enemy...if i can forget wat she did to me b4, i can live happily...hate someone need energy....y dun i try to stay neutral n happily...maybe this is her style of talking n behaviour....if jus look jus at the good side of ppl thn u can communicate with thm easily...rite...yaya....

Tomolo start my torturing sch life...another challenging semester....cant wait to meet my coursemates n friends tomolo....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

my study week

todayis thursday.. my study week is almost reach the end.. This means that my Final Exam is approaching~~~..How I'm gonna face the test as i have no enough preparation????

Tuesday ( 19/6/2007) Accounting for success..
What have I done...
I dunno actually. Just revise all the account statement, cash flow and ratio i done before...I wish one day before my exam, someone will give me the sample question for the final exam.. n I rather dun sleep oso nid to come out with the answer b4 the minute i enter to the examination hall...haih..=_=lll is hard to face this subject as i never get my balance sheet balance...i think this statement shud change the name...erm..change to Imbalance sheet...

can u imagine... whn u open the test paper, the question ask - Contruct an IMBALANCE SHEET as the year ended in thn i think i can get the answer all the time...haih...

Wednesday (20/6/2007) Law in Global Business
i reali dunno wat i hv read this few days as i reali fns all the book n the sample answer for the extended activities stuck half way.. i dun reali get all the cases into my there is about 6-8 cases average for every chapter..n we nid to study for 8 Chapter..
Cases=6 x the chapter u hav read

cases = 6 x 8 =48

my goodness there is 48 cases to remember...we nid to noe about the facts of the cases, how the court the plaintiff die in the goodness...if i get high mark, i think i can be the lawyer loo...

Tuesday (26/6/2007)
1. Marketing concept..

Wat is marketing????
Wat is the 4P...
Product, price, place, promotion..
i jus finish 3 p..n hw bout the others..the marketing environment???the phylosophies, the goodness... i think i gonna buy some make up stuff n foundation to cover the panda eyes within these 3 goodness...

the last subject...
2. Quantitative Analysis...
It is exactly the same as the the mathematics tat i had studied in foudation... but this time, the scientific calculator. TI-83 comes in..cost me RM 500 to own one...but, make my maths even gonna brain dun work..jus key in all the figures in the computer..thn press ENTER...
output comes out..

i reali not nid to memories any formula..n jus key the figures in according to the TI-83 requires...
wat m i doin...
is time for study n IM STILL BLOGGING here...

this time is my 1st time face my degree final exam...
i'm aiming for the scholarship...
i dun think i can put tat many hope this time.. but i will try my best...
Wish me good luck ya...
yea yea^^

c ya guy after final exam...

Monday, June 4, 2007

try this up!!!

What kind of season will you enjoy eating steamboat?
A. Winter ( To Qn 2)
B. Summer (To Qn 5)
C. No matter what season (To Qn 1)
1. Do you like to have some sauce on your food?
A. Like (To Qn 2)
B. Don't like (To Qn 5)
2. Will you add eggs in your steamboat soup?
A. Yes (To Qn 3)
B. No (To Qn 6)
3. If you find a cigaratte butt in ur steamboat food, what will you do?
A. Quarrel with the boss and request another new one. (To Qn 13)
B. Stop eating and just pay and go. (To Qn 10)
4. What is the main point ypu will consider for choosing a steamboat restaurant?
A. Famous ( To Qn 7)
B. Reasonable prices ( To Qn 8)
5. If the steamboat restaurant has a new product of steamboat, will you dare to try?
A. Yes ( To Qn 6)
B. No ( To Qn 8)
6. How many people do you like to have your steamboat meal with?
A. 2-3 soulmates ( To Qn 9)
B. A big group of friends ( To Qn 3)
7. If the steamboat restaurant is very crowded, will you wait for a seat or go to another place?
A. Wait ( To Qn 11)
B. Proceed to another one ( To Qn 12)
8. What kind of food you like to add?
A. Noodle ( To Qn 9)
B. Vermicilli "Tang hoon" ( To Qn 7)
9. Will you drink the soup first or finish all the ingredients in the bowl then drink the soup?
A. Drink the soup first ( To Qn 10)
B. Eat the ingredients first ( To Qn 12)
10. If the boss tells you that you must add some SPECIAL and ODD ingredient in the soup to make it more delicious, will you dare to add?
A. Yes ( To Qn 17)
B. No ( To Qn 13)
11. Will you drink a cup of cooling water after you finish this steamy hot meal?
A. Yes ( To Qn 15)
B. No ( To Qn 14)
12. When you are having your steamboat, do you put in your meat first or put in later?
A. Put it once the steamboat start ( To Qn 15)
B. Later part then put ( To Qn 11)
13. Do you like to put all types of food at one go into the steamboat or have it put in one type by one type?
A. All ( To Qn 17)
B. One type at a time ( To Qn 16)
14. What drink will you like to go with your meal?
A. Oolong Tea ( To Qn 16)
B. Plum juice ( Type A)
15. Do you like to have steamboat at home or outside?
A. Home ( To Qn 16)
B. Outside ( To Qn 14)
16. Will you mind if another customer is standing behind you, waiting for you while you are finishing your food?
A. Mind ( Type B)
B. Don't mind ( Type C)
17. You are already very full with your meal but the boss offer to let you have another steamboat meal, will you eat it?
A. Yes (Type D)
B. No ( To Qn 16)
Shy, a bit of an introvert. You are more stubborn and like to stay alone quietly at home. To you, talking to strangers is a hard thing so you have not much friends. But you will still have some soulmates. You need to treasure people who care and love you. You are more interested in your own matters, you will try your very best to achieve your target. But you can't do everything alone, and just depend on yourself, learn to open up and accept other opinions. Try to get along with different people.
You are a more active person, drawing a clear line between happiness and unhappiness. You are more quick-tempered. If you encounter things you like, you will do it without second thought. But once you encounter things that you hate, you will wish to get out of it as soon as possible. As you are a person of your own views, the friends you tend to have will be of the same pattern. But once good friends, you will understand them a lot and go all the way to help then. Friends are very dependent on you. As you are too emotional, you may make a storm out of a teacup with your friends. You must learn to do things in order and not give up easily. You can try making friends with those you don't think you can get along with, don't stick with the same category. This will make you more popular and charming.
Gentle like a lamb. You have a high level of adaptance power, easy to get along with people. Very popular in social life but seems that no one will talk bad about you. You hate to have conflicts with people so you always try to adapt to everyone. You treat every person differently. To look at the bright side, you adapt easily. But to look at the dark side, you lack of character, although you are one big nice guy but you lack of charm. On the surface, you have a lot of friends but once you have troubles, you lack of soulmates to help you around. You must try to express yourself more and be more decisive. In this way, you can understand yourself more.
You are stubborn, like to go in circles and don't get to the point. Once you decide on something, no one can change your mind. You are a good leader in a group so you win a lot of trust from your friends. But as you are too persistant on your own thinking, you neglect other people's suggestions therefore you can easily make enemies. Although it is good to maintain your own character but it doesn't mean you totally ignore other people's thoughts and feelings. You will let people think you are hard to handle and you will lose friends gradually and may end up alone. You need to learn to accept other people's opinion. This will make your social circle bigger and you will understand yourself better.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

vain the car...

Copyrighted?!!! haha....

all the red girls....