Friday, November 2, 2007

My Friday

Since I have no one let me to share my happiness today, so I decided to share it on my blog to all my friends and visitors.

Today, I did something which I never did before. That is, I visited so many places in Kuching. It had been a great time with all my Swinburne buddies. Well, I gonna start from the first.

First, we went for archery. This is my first time to try this. Among all my friends, I so "glad" that, I'm the worst player. I can't even reach the target(the board) during the first few try. The Tauke at tat centre was so headache with me (I think) when he was teaching me how to play. I was so scared that will my hand broke and reach to the target instead of the arrow or will the rope hit my face when I released it. However, I managed to hit some but only 2 arrows hit to the board at least. XD

This is the normal or standard post to play archery.

However, this is my post. =_=

I think the sifu( the owner of this centre) is headache with me!!

Next, we went to Fort Margherita. This is my first time sitting on a sampan with all my friends to there. Although we had a long and tiring walk to our destination, however, we still enjoy a lotz during our journey. For your information, it is built in 1879 to guard Kuching’s river approaches from pirates. Named after Charles Brooke’s wife, Ranee Margaret, it is an extremely attractive and interesting building. The Fort houses a Police Museum, with fascinating exhibits of Brooke militaria, weapons captured during the communist insurgency, and the famous “laughing skulls”. As the Fort is situated within the police training barracks, visitors may be asked for some form of ID. Sampans go to the Fort from various Waterfront jetties.

All of us( me, Jordan, Kwang Yang, Aldrin, Tyng Tyng and Delwin)

After the trip to Fort Margherita, we went to Lake Park to have a small walk. The park is so nice and suitable for jogging. Even they are someone jog with the umbrella.(It was raining when we were there.) Besides that, we even saw some "different" scene at the park. Haha..what is the scene? Guess yourselves lar..

After the whole tiring walked, we went to Song Kheng Hai to treat our stomach. All of us are suffered with hunger. We have lots of fun the whole day. As for me, it is the first time for me to play archery, the first time for me to ride in sampan which is goyang goyang, and also the first time for me to reach Fort Margherita which we have a LONG walk to the destination. Walking up and down. Follow the road sign all the way in case we lost half way. haha..nice exercise for all of us today.

At night, I was totally tired. Even have to use my aunt OSIM iSQEEZ to massage my legs. Both of my legs are totally "heavy duty" today. However I think this exercise make me sweat a lot today(although it is really raining) and this will help me to sleep well tonight.XD


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