Sunday, January 13, 2008


I can't describe my mood today. But I HATE TODAY!!

Today is so empty for me. I'm totally in bad mood now. I don't how to smile. This is the first time I go out driving without any destination in very high speed. This is the first time I can't find my route to go back home.

I'd waited the call and the message the whole day. Every seconds, Every minutes Every hours and Every moments. I never blame for waiting. Just feel so empty empty the whole day. I wish to talk with someone. At least I can feel better. I failed.

I'm now at Bintulu and far far away from Kuching. This is the first time I feel the distance is so so so so so far that I can't reach by calling using cellphone.

I think I gonna change my behaviour. Sometimes I don't think that sincerity help a lotz in everything. I gonna remember every people around me. Remember their behaviour. And treat people differently. This will cause less trouble.