Monday, April 14, 2008


I've abandoned my blog for few months ago. I really can't recall why I did my last post. But this post will be *untitled*. It is because there will be lots of words and words and thingy inside my post.

As usual, I'm now doing my Year 2. This semester I feel so challenging with my study. Assignments and quizes as well as test everytime. But I never feel tired with the assignments or tests given. This is because I think that this is my own time and moment to study. I think most of the people will agree with me. In University life, all the teenagers are becoming mature and outgoing. Unlike in secondary, once we are free from the assignments and tests, we will just declare holiday for ourselves. We will go hang out with friends or spend our times with our loves on. The same goes to me. Whenever there is assignment or test, I would really stress myself by tying my hair up to the ceiling to finish my assignments or my revision everyday. However, I would declare myself holiday to spend my time by watching series or meeting friends as well as my love one.

However, this year, I discover a study method that it is useful for me and I think is suitable for all my friends as well. And now I feel like sharing this method.
1. Whenever there is an assignment given by our lecturer, appreciate it. Cos this is the only time you will flip over and over your course notes and reference books. From here, you can learn few words or even few points.

2. Try to give yourselves 30 minutes to prepare for the class next day. This will indeed let you understand easily and adsorb faster in the class.

3. Never stress yourselves in every obstacles you meet in the study. Take it easy. Everything will solve in the end.

4. Last but not least, declare yourselves a holiday every fortnightly. This will help you to refresh your brain after 2 weeks hardwork. *but not delete everything in your mind.

With the above study method, I found that it is workable on me. So how do you think?

It is 2.47am now. I'm sleepless. I'm now enjoying my mid term holiday. However, I never feel happy with my holiday. It seems like there is still something ruin my mood daily. I've tried and put so many efforts to overcome this kind of feeling. But it still not working. I would like to tell "him" that I will never forget how "helling" i get scolded that day. Thanks a lot for your scoldings. From this I learned a lot and I finally realize and know everything. No worry. I will be strong and one day I will let you be proud of me. Proud that I can do something independently without you, you and you.

However, whenever I was upset, fei fei will always accompany me from time to time. He never scold me for acting stubborn but help me up whenever I was sad. This is when I have a shoulder to lean against. Feeling the warm and care outside my hometown. Although sometimes he cant really do anything to help me, however, he will try to make me smile whenever my tears dropped. Although he was sick or not feeling well, he will always try to make me smile as he said, fei fei will never let afei cry. He will always come out with jokes to make me smile or even laugh as loud as I can. But Fei Fei, I would like to tell you that, do you realize that, my tears drop easily. This is because warm and care from you let me feel so touch. I won't say I can't live without you. But I will say I want to stay with you forever.

However, this 2 weeks I learned a lot of thingy. The most important one I learned to take care a sick person. I'd learn how to cook a tasty grean pea soup with barley as to get once heat off. I've learned how to give emergency help when someone needed. Previously I will think that by paying money to get the medicine will cure once sickness. But now, I feel that concern by the love one is the basic way to help the patient. But for sure don't make it very lengthy. haha..The most important, I learned how to be independence and protect myself. But last but not least, always remember that friends are always besides.

Anyway, I think I should stop this *untitled* here. Will try to update my blog frequently. And wish me good luck. Gambate to myself. Good luck to all my friends and classmates.

*ling, I miss you a lot.


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