Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

First of all, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to my mummy, to my aunt, and to everyone's dearest mummy...

Last night, I went to a dinner organised by FOOK KHANG VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT,福康素食园 and a music school, which I really don't it Englist name, 何康伟音乐学院. The theme for this dinner is Parent's Day. At here, I wish my daddy and mummy stay lovely and sweet, healthy and wealthy.
I got the random pictures for the dinner. And I adore the performance by the students and teachers there. Make my finger feel like tickling on my leg as if I was playing piano too.

The stage. And I was just sit right in front of the stage. Mean that, I can't play, laugh too much and must turn my hp to silence mode as my ringtone is so funny.

The VIP at our table. My uncle and my aunt.

The only drink serve. The tea, which is make from the purple leaves..I don't what is that thingy. It tastes sweet but weird for me.

Another Main actress on my table. My niece. She just like to do posting.

The menu for that night. Overall is nice but I dun really try all. Cos some of the vegetarians stuffs do not suit my taste.

The first dish. Which I like the most.

The performance by this little boy attract all the audiences attention.

The organizers of the dinner.

I was so enjoy looking at his performance. He owns the music school.
I enjoy watching to all the music instruments performance that night.
Its kinda late. Is time for me to sleep. Good night to everyone. Last but not least, HAPPY PARENTS' DAY to my dearest daddy and mummy. I love you.. One more year, I'll be back and I'm sure you will be proud of me. Miss ya..
Happy birthday to aurelia..
miss you ling..


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