Saturday, June 21, 2008

I want to be HACKER!

I wish to be a HACKER! The hacker that can hacks into people mind. Try to know what are they thinking.

It is very difficult and tough and HARD when thinking what are people thinking with blank minded.

Besides that, it will be wonderful if human brain has built-in bluetooth system. So that, if ones want to understand what the others are thinking about, he/she can just one the bluetooth and search the devices that wanted to know. (haha)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ivy

Finally, the END of the WAR!!

I finish my final exam. And Im quite satisfy with my overall performance. Yippie...Hopefully there is miracle for me...hihi...
Today is my happiest day of my life. This is the first time I got such a surpricing birthday party from my friends. Thanks a lot to Ling, Jocelyn, Alex, and KCK (hihi)!!

Everything start from a normal dinner. Everything is normal after we reach to Point One. A lifestyle cafe where people can sing and have drink or gathering with their friends. I was listened to the song seriously and I realised that there is one gal is also celebrating her birthday.

Happy birthday to her too...

Everyone sing birthday song to her. Including me..Then that gal makes wishes and blessed by her friends.

After that, is MY TURN!!!

Ling decides to cut the cake. And for sure I can't wait to see how's my cake looks like. The shape of the cake gives me a big big big BIG shock!!! And the cake attracts everyone attention at the cafe.

The cake looks like this..TURTLE...Nice!! The cake is delicious too...
Everyone in that cafe sing birthday song for me. Include my ~ling and friends. Memorable..

The present from Jocelyn. Very Very special and touching.

She draws everything her own.. And it is SO CUTE!!!

And this CD shows everything about me. My life in Kuching. And it is all "home-made". Thanks A lot, goo..

At last, I would like to thank them to give me a memorable night. This is my first birthday party celebrate with you guyz. Of course, thanks ~ling.

Thanks, ling..

Love ya...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ivy is sad now.
Ivy is upset now.
Ivy is not happy now.
Ivy need someone around for her now.
Ivy is facing big trouble.
Ivy is sitting for her final exam.
Ivy still have 3 subjects to go.
Ivy need him!
Ivy need YOU!

Ivy is trying to get rid of the sadness.
Ivy is trying so hard to make herself happy.
Ivy is trying to stand on her own foot.
Ivy is trying not to rely on other people.
Ivy is working so hard to reach to her target.
Ivy is almost succeed but Ivy is being pull back to the starting point.
Ivy just simply need a shoulder for her to lean against.

Ivy is sick.
Ivy is dizzy.
Ivy ate the medicine but gonna start to study soon.

Ivy still tend to blog here.
Ivy need people accompany.
Ivy just need time to rest so as to solve every matter she met.
Ivy is going to cry.
Ivy is not allow to cry.

Ivy is Ivy.
Ivy is yvI.
Ivy want my laughter back.
Ivy want to smile anytime anywhere (even in toilet)

Ivy miss him a lot now. Ivy miss ling a lot now.

1 Down 3 TO GO!!

Marketing Planning done.
Comment: Its fairly easy. Not enough time to finish it.

I am in Uni library

1.Real name => Ivy
2.Nickname => 33, okui, elephant
3.Married => No
4.Male or Female => female
5.Highschool => Swinburne
7.Short or long hair => consider long consider short
8.Are you a health freak => No
9.Height => 148cm (proud of it,man)
10.Do you have a crush on someone => yes
11.Do you like yourself => of course

12.Piercings => 2
13.Righty or Lefty => Both
14. First surgery => None
15. First piercing(s) => 18
16. First person you see in the morning => Myself. Cause i sleep alone
17. First award => Kindy
18. First sport you joined => Badminton
19. First pet => rabbit
20. First vacation => Miri
21. First concert => Local singers

23. Eating => Nothing
24. Drinking => Cola
25. I'm about to => fighting for my Final exam :D

26. Want kids => considering
27. Want to get married => of course
28. Careers in mind => Businesswoman

29. Lips or eyes => eyes
30. Hugs or kisses => both
31. Shorter or taller => now is better and best for me
32. Romantic or spontaneous => spontaneous
33. Sensitive or loud => loud
34. Trouble maker or hesitant => hesitant

35. Kissed a stranger => never. I would rather kiss the toilet seat
36. Drank bubbles => =_=
37. Lost glasses/contacts => always
38. Ran away from home => thought before
39. Liked someone younger => yes, of course
40. Liked someone older => yes
41. Broken someone's heart => ya. but not purposely..Sorry to him
42. Been arrested => no
43. Cried when someone died => sure
44. Liked a friend => Yeah

45. Yourself => oh yeah
46. Miracles => always
47. Heaven => yeah
48. Santa claus => nope
49. Angels => oh yeah oh yeah

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now => YAYA!!!
51. Do you believe in God => yes
52. Tag 5 people => Avery Wee, Johnson, Tiong, Alex, Aldrin