Sunday, August 31, 2008

The art of Kiss

1. Kiss on the hand
I adore you

2. Kiss on the cheek
I just want to be friends

3. Kiss on the neck
I want you

4. Kiss on the lips
I love you

5. Kiss on the ears
I am just playing

6. Kiss anywhere else
lets not get carried away

7. Look in your eyes
kiss me

8. Playing with your hair
I can't live without you

9. Hand on your waist
I love you to much to let you go

I read it from my mail. And I realised that I received the similar emails previously. I can't confirm and prove that issit true because it sounds like so different from what I predict. Anyway, just share what I saw.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm here..Flying by..

I got a different mood today.

I was awaken by my alarm at 5.30 am. I realised that there was heavy rain and storm. WOW!! Water is coming in through the window above me!! I just wake my lazy body up to close the window in case I get electric shocked if the water split on the switch near me!! @@..

After I wake him up, I change my alarm to 730am and sleep back. For sure, I wake up on time for my revision that I planned the day before. I don't have class the whole day. But, I sit in front of my pc and book for the whole day. I was not in mood ot do any research for my assignment so I just read the lectures slides and text books so as to get any ideas for my assignments. FINALLY, after the whole day of struggling, I read all the 4 subjects, revising all the lectures slides that had be tought in class.

I end my study at 7pm and go take care of my small little nephew. I make milk to feed him. Change his diapers and clothes. Even clean his bed sheet for him to lye on. WOW!! After that, when I was trying to study back, I realised that my eyes are totally dry and bit redish when I looked at the mirror. A bubble talk popped above my head " Is time to rest! @@" just keep every neat and nice. My cousin is so kind to sponsor me one second-hand table lamp, and it suits my needs if I study at mid nite. I try it. Its NICE!!! AWESOME!!

The new look of my study table when I'm using my table lamp..


Friday, August 22, 2008


Its 2.43 am early in the morning. I just finish my tutorial question of FIB partially and I'm tired. I drank alot of nescafe to wake myself up at least to finish half of it. Luckily I meet my target. I've no longer have energy to break my target so just stop there and start blogging.
New semester starts. This semester I'm taking 4 tough/main subjects. A friend of mine, Justin Sim(I gonna say your name out), he's taking 2 main subjects and 2 elective subjects that really make his life much more easier. He just has to focus on 2 main subjects with average assignments and 2 elective subjects which are small case for him. OMG!!! HOWEVER!!! mine is SU*Ks..I'm taking Transnational Marketing, HRM in Contemporary Organisations, Foundations of International Business, and Marketing Research. 4 main subjects with main assignments in ONE GO!! ONE SEMESTER..
I told myself, this semester I HAVE to get the scholarship but NOT I WANT to get scholarship as I lost mine last semester. I was so disappointed with it although the overall result is satisfied. But yet, still lost my scholarship. sob sob..
This semester, I consider the whole University staffs and marketing department suffer a lot. The GRAND Opening for our expanded campus will be held at 23th August 2008, which is TOMORROW. I'm part of the Student Welcoming Group! I'll be the one standing there, waving the Jalur Gemilang(National Flag) to invite our VVIP, Chief Minister and his wife as well as other VIPs. Actually our Prime Minister, Pak Lah, is coming. However due to the election thingy and some political issues, he's confirmed not coming but will send his representative here. The numbers of VIPs are over 1000 of them I think. It will only be happened once in my whole life, Century of Swinburne. Wow!!
Clap Clap!!! Cheer Cheer!!
Although just a small part of the working committees and students, Me, I was quite busy as well. Attending all the rehearsal and briefing when its time for dinner. The ppl in charge said that is the chance for us to feel the feeling.. The so lar.I hope the feeling tomorrow will be GREAT!!
Talking back to my semester 4, 2008. I can't imagine that I'm really a senior to junior. 1 more year, I gonna graduate. One year, 365 days however only 2 more semesters to go. Time is shooting fast. I hope time can go slowly so I can do everything perfectly as I think 24 hours per day for me is really really not enough. After reading and scanning through all the subjects outline given, my time will be VERY VERY pack. I got tons of assignments to finish within 14 weeks before my final exam. I'll be spending more of my times with books, computers, internet, newsparer, library but NOT HOME!!! How interesting will be if my home(in Bintulu) is located at Kuching or my University is located at Bintulu. Wow!!! Aircond when I was hot, Widescreen TV to watch my favourite drama, Kitchen when I was hungry, Room when I am tired and BIG wardrobe to tidy up everything of mine.
Ah!!! There is not time for me to dream so much. It's 3am and I shall sleep now. Preparing for Swinburne Sarawak Grand Opening tomorrow. More pictures will be uploaded after the ceremony. Can't wait to meet my friends and buddies tomorrow as we will wear the same costumes, working in the same group.
Sheena, Jacq, Grace, Bao Qing, Song, Cyntia,Jesper..See ya tomorrow..haha!!!
Johnson, Yieng, Shirly, Irene, Eric, Keith, Beng, and all the choir members, Good luck for your performance..
Last but not least, Good night to HIM!! Oink Oink..
miss you lot, ling..
Happy 1 1/2 year anniversary to us..
standard line..

Sunday, August 10, 2008


我累 了!每晚被恶梦打扰让我真的吃不消。

我面对的很多很多事 我发现 我越来越吃不消
我根本没办发像以前一样萧撒, 可以做我自己想做的决定。


我不大声不代表我怕 因为我真的累了。
简单的生活 简单的环境 简单的问候 简单的伴侣
在我最无助的时候我只要你的声音 一个肩膀
我没力气再大声说话了 我没力气去要赢任何一个人 一件事
只要我创关成功, 我一定会比别人强!

虽然没人在你最无助的时候帮你 陪你




It is 2.55 am now. I just awoke by a nightmare. It really makes me sleepless and helpless.
I hate suffering in this kind of situation. No one there is really helping me. Got fooled and scolded all the while. The purpose I like to go out is because I really don't dare to stay alone for so long.
Im tired of everything. Pressuring me alot on my study and maintain my relationship (family, love and friends). Nothing expected I got. All the unexpected I got. I tried hardly to be good but why never get appreciated!
I'm a gal. Basically a helpless gal somehow, i dunno how, with problems. I wish to know why BUT i was failed in getting all the answers I want. I'm coward. I never dare to stay alone. This is my real behaviour since I was still a little gal. I scare of dark due to my bad experience in my primary school life. I hate to lose due to the pressure of people's words. So I pressure myself a lot in doing whatever thing. I'm always escape from argue with him or friends because I've tired of arguing. Being scolded and teased at the same time is SUCK for me.
I want to find a person who really there for me to rely on. A shoulder that always stand by for me to lean against. I found it. But I almost lost it. I'm trying so hard to grab it, avoid it from losing. I try to be independence but yet I need help and TIME..
I NEED YOU!! This is what I can say now. I really can't sleep. I cant even count how many nights I need u in midnight and how many nights I was suffering sleepless nights and nightmares. I hate that kind of situations, that kind of feelings. I cant even measure how much I wish to see you everyday and how much I miss you. I cant even measure how much I wish to grab a hug from you. Grab the power of strength and brave from you like previously.
This is the first time I feel this kind of feeling. Frightening, scary, helpless and lonely. There come together at the same time. I gonna copy the lyric of one song, "all I want is you".

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Unpredictable lonely

Happy Chinese Valentine to every couples in the world!!!
Happy Chinese Valentine to my couples friends and ling!!!

Why unpredictable lonely?
My school started this week. It is going quite well. I have no class today. Its kinda tiring and boring. The moment I wake up, study myself, wait 4 lunch, wait for call. Then study again.

nth to do. Facing my laptop, watch movie but with blank minded. I wish to see him.