Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm SICK!!!

Today, I'm sick. I feel myself extraordinary this morning when I woke up. I feel like crying. I feel so so so different this morning that I never behave like that before. Cry easily and miss my dear alotz more. The weather this morning is so cool and cold. I can just put down all the curtain and sleep. BUT I can't. Force myself to wake up and went to campus for classes.

During the afternoon class, I started feeling dizzy and can't even walk straight. In the class, I can't even concentrate. After that, feeling to vomit. Rush to toilet..Hard time for me in the toilet as I can't even stand straight. Vomit all the water i drank the whole day. Kinda sad in the toilet and tears dropped a lot. @@

*nothing much I can say. Pictures explain everything.

I felt "pale" but quite ok in the morning before class. Can realise that my face is so extraordinary reddish.

I went to visit Dr. Lu during the dinner time. I felt like dying before that. I called him to fetch me to clinic in a rush time. WOW!!
Thanks ling to save me on time..haha..

The doctor gave me 4 packets of pills. Seems that I gonna eat medicine instead of sweets for the whole week.

The medicine for gastric. 4 tablets per day. Have to finish all.

To prevent dizzy and vomit. 3 per day but just consume if it is necessary.

Anti-biotic. 3 per day. Must finish all.

Pain killer. 4 per day.
As a conclusion, I have to eat 14 pills a day. WOW!!!
No more chocolate!
No more snacks!
No more soft drinks!
No more staying awake late in night!
More water!
More rest!
More sleep!
This is the contract I signed with ling. Hope I don't breach it.
Get well soon
~to me!!
Still got tons of assignments for me to do.. =(