Thursday, November 13, 2008

To: nobody

This is the letter to Nobody.

Whom who concern,

I can I know who are you? From the phrase I saw from my chatroom, I realised that you are not happy with me. Nothing much I can said, but I think u've mistaken me. Let me tell you a story.
How much I wish I never been through September and October. The horrible months I have. But really nothing much I can do but then just walk and goes slowly to been through everything. Everything happen in a sudden without reasons and without any signals.
Ya, you're right. When I was sad I really talked to a gal that I always talked to. But I lost this gal for 2 months. I bet that this gal is in a tough situation, she might be sad, she might be crying now. But then at that moment, I really don't have the power to comfort anyone. I used up all my energy to stop myself from crazy_ing or depress.
I met this gal during the month, from her face, I realised that she's not in mood on meeting me in the car of one of her friends. I was lying on the car cushion, by just giving/ receiving a smile. That is the time I really rest myself off from all the war around me. Finally I made up and everything reach to November.
I was trying to find this gal. I ever went near to this gal office. I was standing outside peeking. I never dare to walk in, cause I realised that this gal has lost her smile and laughter she had previously. I went off and finished up the things I need to do nearby. I've called this gal for thousand of times, send her lots of messages. She's angry, she's upset. But REALLY!! I've used up all the power to do anything I have to do. I'd cried in his hug, louder and louder. I've shouted for thousands of times.
I need HIM a lot now, due to all the tough situation I've been through, no matter a hug or a call. But I miss and worry about that gal as well. I don't know what I can do to reach this gal now. But I promise when my problems come to the end, everything will be alright.
Nobody, cheer up. Maybe Im not a good friend to cheer u up but I can be a good listener and reader. I don't mind to read any msg u leave in my chatroom.

Miss you so much ling..

p/s goo, where are you? why you never answer my call lately.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Do I change a lot in 2008?

My Long Hair at the beginning of 2008..

My First time to PERM my hair..Corn Perm
My very FIRST try to cut short hair..
My very First try to have fringe..
Recent me. With reddish highligh and dark purple dye..
p/s I look pale in this picture because I was suffering stomachache. Obviously I was in the toilet. XD

I have not much to talk about in this post. Need lot of time to rest to have all my energy back for FINAL EXAM at the end of November.