Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow.. It had been a donkey months for not update my blog.

Quite a bit busy nowadays. Start working at my dad's company, become an office girl, writing bills, collecting money, answering telephone, doing simple quotations, serving customers and etc. Kinda fun in the office and learn something new as well. Also, I sleep in the office. HAHAHAHA!!!!

Back to my hometown, Bintulu, since Christmas. Celebrating Christmas in the bus, cos back home by bus which take about 12 hours. Sleep after I reach and enjoy my few days holidays before start working. However, was along during the countdown of 2009. Watching the fireworks along through my room window ALONE!!! However, I still on call with my date. hihi...

Miss him a lot nowadays and also all my friends in Kuching. A lot and a lot. Wishing you guys happy new year and happy advanced Chinese New Year. haha..

Im going back for my study at the beginning of March. Erm.. Is doing my last year before I enter to the brand new year. So it is my time to plan what to do right after I graduate. Should I continue my master? (which I wish to do so) or start working? ( which my mum was thinking)..haha

Earlier prediction: The coming 2 semesters will be the most suffering semester because I have to take the subjects that I would like to avoid previously. Finance, Investment and Taxes...OMG!!!!!

Anyway, some words for my friend, ALDRIN..
Aldrin, if not mistake you are going to Australia soon kan? Wish you all the best and keep in touch ya. Also, don't forget to online or update your blog soon so we will know how's life there..haha...Come back every holiday ya.. haha...