Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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每天闭眼睛和开眼睛前后, 我真的很想让你开开心心的聊天。因为那是我唯一很有安全感的时候.我愿意牺牲我一辈子的欢笑来换你的好心情。我也愿意用我平常的哑巴来换你一声微笑。



对这些战火,我已经很累很累了.我已经没力气为自己说什么.我不想解释太多.我不要成为别人的负担.我想永远做回以前的自己.再辛苦也好.我不想自己一个人.因为我有了你..我不会成为你的负担, 相反, 我会试着走进你的世界, 陪你过你开心和不开心的每一个时候.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. Big SHORT MAN!!! You pissed me off.....

This few days I heard a lot of different and ridiculous version and type of Daughter In Law that is most preferable.

One of the most sarcastic is one of the old man saying that his daughter in law must be beautiful and fashionable. WHAT THE FUCK??!!! One of his son has a girl friend that is totally different from what that stupid old man want. WHAT DO U MEAN BY NICE AND FASHIONABLE? any other extra condition or not?

As I know, that little girl looks quite ok also. Just she seldom make up and wear sexy sexy. She is more friendly indeed. I like to talk with her also. Anyway, congratulation in advanced for your coming wedding. "He" will be a very nice hubby. But another officially daughter in law like to make up every time but never help up in housework and even office work. Know how to waste money to make herself look nice to entertain the old man.

WHAT THE HECK? Who do u think you are? DATO? PM? or president..You just a old man with extra bucks in your pocket. Its your future daughter in law..not the model of your family..CRAZY!!!!!

The wife of the old man is also satu hal. Support what the husband said. CHEH...beware...Next time the daughter in law wont call your husband "Daddy" but "HONEY" next time. HAH!!!!! you gonna give up your big bed. HUH!!!!!

Don't bother my thingy and my life. I'm not asking you to pay for my fee or my life. Beware of yourself first. Kinda pissed off now !!!!!!