Sunday, June 28, 2009

Farming Day

A very weird Sunday with a weird mood.

I went to Alex's Uncle's Farm @ Kaka Farm with dear and his friends. A big group of friends with 6 boys and 3 girls. What should I say, except my dear, I'm not part of the group at all.

However, I did enjoy awhile by taking small animals pictures around when they were busy taking pictures with the sniper. XD I played with it with 3 shots, with 2 shots strike on the target, the tins that they placed. Wow.. Feel that I'm not that weak at all in targeting and shooting. HAHA!!The small house in the farm. Hmmm... Actually my Chai's family owns one as well in Bintulu. When I reached there just now, I can feel the familiarity as I enjoy staying in such place.

The goats in front of the small little house. They are having their "high tea". According to the uncle there, one of them is pregnant, means that, expected mummy goat.

Guessing? Is this the expected mummy goat?The kiddy goat.

The moo moo cow..Another snap shot of moo moo cow..

Fishy fishy...
The squarrel. According to the uncle there, he said that this is limited addition. WOW ><

Small durian. Thinking of open it up just now. But don't know why I didn't. HAHA!!

Blackie Doggy. I asked the aunty there about the bottle. She said that, when the bottle is filled with water, it will indeed become the obstacle for the dog to run faster. This is to avoid Blackie chasing the chicken and hens there. HAHA..

I even heard she said " 1 kg RM13." HAHA..

I did enjoy by taking pictures alone. The main difference of this farm @ KAKA farm with mine at Bintulu is- I ever met big snake in the one at my place. haha..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 21st to me..

I'm legally 21st today.
Feeling myself getting older and older. But getting happier and happier this few days although its final exam.

Hmm..short talk about my final.
International Business Law- out of my expectation. Overall satisfactory.
International Trade Strategies- Thanks a lot to my study group. =)
International Finance- Haven't start study but looking forward for it.

Talking back to my birthday..
A lot of people I have to thank too for sending me wishes throughout the day.
Ricky, Ares, Aurthur, Elsa, Siat Yee, Siaw Chiew, Pao Pao, Delwin, Freeman, West, Christy, Serena, Cui Han, Ex classmates in Bintulu, Omg..many many people from facebook and hp..some are not listed because there is a long name list there..hihi...

After my exam, Ricky had planned a small celebration for me. Del, Ricky, Pao Pao, Freeman, West (boys gang), Elsa, Christy, Siaw Chiew and me (girls gang) went over to Secret Recipe. We had our light meal there and I got a Cheese Cake from Freeman and Donuts from Ricky. woohoo..Chocolate somemore.. Enjoy alot there as I even steal their food while they were enjoying talking.

Night time..
My time with my date. I got a small cute present from him which indeed touched me.
My Okui got a new companion..

Mickey Mouse and O kui..
New member for my dear..thanks a lot dear..hihi...
Enjoy talking and playing with this two little things after a small piece of cake and bao bao..haha..

Happy Birthday to me..

* Nothing much..but thanks to all my friends for the post.. =)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh Yeah

Relax myself before final is always best for me.

Busy for the whole week and days, finally I stole 2 hours to relax myself. Of course, my date with my Darling.
Thanks Darling. Muaks.. small secret present for u.

The weather was extremely hot however, laughter and smile never melt all the way. I released my useless stress and rebate with more energy and "stamina" for my study.

Gonna face my final soon. Wow Wow..Energy back back for study.
Good luck to my classmates.

Anyway, just a simple post before I stop for my final. Gonna sleep soon.

Last but not least..

I've solved everything that finally I can be an ordinary girl. Woohoo...