Monday, August 17, 2009

Starting of new semester

As usual, week 1, talking about all the subject outline which now rename as unit of course outline. =S

Get know of new lecturer who we knew some of them already.

Week 2,
We're having "quiz" today which I don't think there is a question at all.

Our Asia Business Context lecturer wrote this,
Last week, I said in social science there are no right or wrong answers. I asked a question, and a female student replied with an answer. Then, I asked other students, saying do you agree with that answer? A majority of the students said "NO". Do you think the female student's answer is wrong? Yes or No and why?

Our comments:
What is he trying to ask us?
What is the question he asked to that female student?
What is the answer of that female student?
Why we say no?
Why yes? and Why No?
Who is that female student?

Finally, we came out with only one sentence, Majority always win.
He said, WOW...good answer..
=_=lll sweat la...

Start out lecture. Talking about Tsunami and charity which is nothing related to our course at all. Saying our friend, Stephen is procupine? haha... =S Me and Weoi even plan to get CP at the end of the semester after we realised that we only cover 2 slides in 2 hours which the slides are always been taught briefly as an introduction.

Other subjects. NO COMMENTS.
Enjoy International Human Resource Management with sleepy mode.
Enjoy International Investment and Tax with new rules and regulations. HAHA
Enjoy Transnational Business Practices by understanding different cultures from different countries.


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