Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh yeah

Strike.. ONE GOAL DOWN!!!

Yea HOO!!! U're damn bullshit to put yourself in the position. But at least, you're right. HAHA!! You put yourself in the very RIGHT position. AhahaHAHAhahaHAHA...

Caution: woo
I'm not trying to point on someone here because you know me damn well. HAHA... I do respect people in my very 1st position. BUT, if it's in another way round, you're fucked up!! BULLSHIT!!!

Someone may think that will this make me happy? But I tell you!! I'm happy with my situation now. AT LEAST, I do something is kindly accepted by public. I just want to let you know that, you're regret in future if you treated people or look down at people that you never know. STUPIAK...

Hey, stupid! You know what. There is a lot of way of doing thing and "settle" thing and also "puek" something. But the method you exercise, is only usable for kids. It's not even reach my standard yet. You know, you havent reach my "kam". goal down..Somemore to go. But the game is getting more interesting.

Kindly advice:
Reason why I never get angry like you guys is because I did the thing that kindly accepted and morally. Sit down and think back what you've done. I'll never feel regret on what I did because I know I'm right. I BET.. until now, you still don't know what u've done wrongly.

因为我对得起天地良心!!你(们)的方法反而天理不容!! 先想想,为什么你们会那么在意我做的没一件事!! 1) 你们太多事,不然就是吃饱没事做. 2)你们心虚!!反而想知道我的感想!!我不是普通的人!!你们终有一天会因为你们对我的"关心"而后悔.


natsuni said...

shan, cool down~ 
just ignore da idiot...

Steve said...

Thanks for the helpful info. When I learned about getting a sober coach it changed my life.

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