Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rambutan Eating Competition...

Rambutan Competition... But I lose at the 1st 3 minutes... He's still continue..So play around my camera loo...

Mouth full of rambutan..Luckily its sweet...HAHA...
Hey, I was wondering how if you really finish the whole thing that night..HAHA...

Some more? Now is DURIAN!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Everything come in an "O" and "O~~~" see the different?
Everything come in "CHEH!" and "CHEr~~~" see the different?

Which one you prefer? Nothing I like here. CHEH!!! O!!!

Stupiak phrase. Spoil my ONLY resting mood today. Hmmph.. (ANGRY)

Was wondering what the hell I'm doing now. Is FINAL! I'm blogging for nothing and Plurk for nothing. I know I shouldn't, but Yet I'm still here...

Killing of all the stupiak Lazyworm. But where' s the bookworm?!! Someone ate my bookworm!! lame =.=lll but I enjoy it.

This post is particularly for a stupid that "interested" in my personal life. Woohoo...You're fucked up. Is not for all of you but YOU!! You know who you are!! SISSY!! (for me)

Now, if you think my blog is lame then GET OUT you stupid little kid. You're fucked up on what you've done to me and my life. I'll always remember how you stupid little doggy trying to "monitor" my life under your stupid little useless microscope.

I'm gentle enough to settle this. Haven't feel what I've done?! Because I'm clever than you.
Trying to think that I'm too proud. Yaya!! (PARTICULARLY FOR YOU) I am. I gonna graduate in degree in ONE MORE WEEK.

Think of it. I spent 4 years to get my little blacky hat with hardwork. But you!! Spending extra years monitoring my life but only get the certificate but complaint for life everyday on your page?! You're suck MAN. (woo..Girls no worry) HAHA...I'm obviously get higher degree than u!! HAHA..

p/s You're the worst, compared to others although you "study" more. You CHILDISH!!

Tired of scolding people in my blog. But who care! Someone is so interested in "reading" it bar.. HAHA...

Feel the spice? Congratulations... Don't cry because I'll be laughing. HAHA

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's valuable for me and NOT FOR SALE present. Thanks.

The BEST present I got today and in my life.
Tears can't stop rolling down.

U might think that I'm "action" or "pretending". But people who know my story, you'll understand.

I love u.

Time not enough, Not enough Time and HAPPY 999 DAYZ

Study in library until late night recently with friends.
Have less motivation this semester with no reason.
The layout of the library had been change which is very uncomfortable with current situation.
Have to choose table and places. Next week I must get a empty, yet unlocked, classroom for my super, hyper revision.

Proudly to announce that,
This is my last and VERY LAST examination in my life. Of course, its time for me to face the reality of the world. =S nervous indeed.
So, what to do with this laptop after this, is just a simple laptop for my assignments and study throughout the course. Feeling like getting a new, yet advanced and economical laptop after this. Budget: RM4,000.

Was wondering what I'm gonna do after this? Master or Manager.. Hiak Hiak..
Hope to end all this earlier and I can Have a good rest after that.

Recently during this minute and second,
I miss ling so much.. Hope to see him soon.
Happy 999 days..HAHA