Sunday, December 6, 2009

No pain No gain


Only when fall down, then u'll feel the pain..
U'll know nothing once u'll in the situation..

I hope this will be my very last post here. Maybe I gonna switch, maybe I gonna stop blogging. I just feel like stop everything before others get started.

I stop, doesn't mean that you win.
I stop, doesn't mean that I lose.
I stop is because I love myself more.
Ivy is not mean to bully, but Ivy means to be strong and courage, BRAVE!!

I won't need any support from anyone of you! But I'll appreciate what I have.
I won't let any of my tears drop because its valuable from now on.
No one is worthwhile for me to drop my tears easily.
I promise I'll be stronger and stronger. But not giving you chances to bully me now!!
What happen to me is my problem and my business, I don't want anyone of you to "participate".
I can't stop you from gossiping about me, but I'll "kill" you if I realize that.

I know, from now on, its my time to be independence, although I am, but MORE!!
I know I've wasted a lot of time and youth, its a PAST!!
BUT, I'm willing to do so. Because I love HIM!!
I should stop my tears from falling down, I should stop crying in the night,
I should appreciate what I have now, I should appreciate the TIME I have now..
Nothing and No one would have the ability to stop me from doing what I want to do,
Because, I'm Shan Shan. I know myself more than anyone of u.

to YOU!! especially YOU!!
Don't think you've won, but actually you're the big loser. You'd mean to drive me down but I grow stronger.
You're just a coward dog in front of me while you're just NOTHING to me.
Dare you stand in front and debate with me? I'll make you SLAP yourself OFF!!
Wondering why?
Because, I'm always the WINNER!!

What I have now!!
1. A little bit of saving
2. "willl be" certified_Degree certificate in Bachelor of Business(International Business) from Swinburne University of Technology.
3. Knowlegde
4. Time

Is time for me to fight for my victory after ONE week of resting and relaxing. Hope to see all of you next time, strictly YOU! Because I want to show you that How WINNER can be winner?!!...


natsumi said...

damn like this blog.. >__<

"I know, from now on, its my time to be independence, although I am, but MORE!!" << i like this sentence..

Anonymous said...

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